QR.io changelog
QR.io changelog

Unique Scans




You can now look at the amount of unique scans your QR Code receives.

Unique Scans refer to the specific device used for the scan.

For example, if nine people scan your QR Code, and one of those people scans it twice, you get nine unique and ten total scans.

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We track the devices that scan the QR Code, which means that if the same device scanned it multiple times, it will still show one unique scan only.

Created our help page




We created our own help page to help new users find all the features they need and understand how QR.io works.

Visit our help page here: https://help.qr.io/

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Improved billing section




We added an option to manually update your payment method information, add your billing address, change or cancel your subscription and also download all your invoices.

Delete Account




Option to delete your account in account settings.

You will find it under 'See more account information'

New Dashboard Design




We improved your dashboard design.

Search QR Codes




We added a search bar in your dashboard so you can find your QR Codes faster.

Change Email




Change your account email in account settings.

Youtube link issues




Just fixed youtube link for social media QR Code type. /user/ will never automatically appear.

SVG image in QR Code




We added the possibility to add svg images in the center of your qr codes. Before, you were able to add png and jpg only.

API - Folder for QR Codes




Organize your API QR Codes inside your folders. You just need your Folder ID which you will find in your folder page.